Offers via the mobile are superior to traditional printed coupons.
They can be updated and reused, thus opening a new direct communication channel with the consumer.
And the redemption rate is ten times higher than a corresponding paper coupon.

Turn key solution

Twinsoft has developed a turnkey solution to manage mobile coupons, discount cards, gift cards, tickets, loyalty and membership cards, entrance tickets, stamp cards etc. based on the industry standard pkpass format that is gaining ground and available in all smartphones. All items are gathered in the Wallet/Passbook app on iPhones or Passwallet and other wallet apps on Android smartphones.

One stop shop

Everything is included, even our own developed and unique apps for redemption of offers via mobile device. Regardless of service or product, the market want to be mobile, therefore Twinsoft has invested in administrative functions that also can be managed directly from a smartphone or tablet. Compared with other loyalty schemes or offerings solutions, the benefit of the pkpass standard is that consumers do not need to install an app from each merchant or vendor to be able to utilize the offers.

Local activation – offers in time and place

Twinsofts solution is ready for Beacons, cheap small transmitters that is placed eg at checkout or near items promoted, and also positioning via GPS and time settings. This means that the coupons becomes smart and that you can determine when and where the coupons must be brought to life and to be used.

Software as a service

Twinsofts system is cloud-based and is offered as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) that customers use via an easy to use web interface to pc, tablet or smartphone. Or customers can simply connect and interact via their own systems using our API solutions. Our offerings platform are integrated with ClearOn (coupon redemption), which means that redemption can take place in all stores that have an agreement with ClearOn.

Fast factory

Simply put, Twinsoft are the "factory" that produces, distributes and manages mobile coupons and stamp cards. We offer this solution to customers that easily and quickly want to reach mobile consumers. The offerings platform solution can also be bought as a ready solution with a license. This allows customers to easily integrate the system into their own environment. This have already attracted great interest from international brand owners and customers.

Twinsoft AB - Contact

The team behind Twinsoft has a long and extensive international experience of doing business in Telecom, Retail and in Systems Development. Contact us by email at
or via phone to Leif Nordqvist, CEO, +46 723 822 777 or Lennart Strandberg, CMO, +46 72 224 75 66 to find out more.